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on April 30, 2014

Options for grade reporting run through students, teachers, and institutions.  The focus on ‘analytics’ has really grown.  Analytics are applicatons that can help mine or sift through data for specific results/findings.  The following website, http://salvetore.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/analytics-getting-helpful-information-out-of-an-lms/, remarked that “analytics have the potential to help students, teachers, and schools make better choices that lead to improved learning outcomes.”  Michael de Raadt goes on to explain some levels of use:

  • Students can use it for progress and interaction
  • Teachers can view student participation, success, difficulty in understanding of certain coursework or technical tasks, feedback, and course quality
  • Schools can track student retention, teacher involvement, interaction and overall course quality

I find these levels each have valuable data for online instructors in regard to student performance.  When talking/e-mailing students about their progress in the course, data can be pulled to show what has been turned in and what hasn’t.  I can run a report to see who has logged in during the week and who hasn’t.  I find that success is tied to usage reports.  I also feel that once I pull the data to show who passed certain standards and who didn’t, I can easily differentiate help sessions and send out tutorials for extra practice/remediation of skills.  I can set-up skype sessions for those who need more contact and allow others to move forward.  It has honestly made my job easier and the communication with parents/students more focused and individualized.

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